Hi, I’m Erin - a designer specializing in branding, with experience in packaging, digital design and illustration. Currently at Rethink in Toronto and previously at Ragged Edge in London, England.

Outside of branding, I also design wedding papers. If you happen to be planning a union, check out Horizon Wedding Papers or contact me for a bespoke quote. 

I’m always keen to hear about non love-related freelance opportunities too! Shoot me an email if you’re interested in seeing my full portfolio and résumé.

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Qbic Hotels

Motley Menu Design

Qbic’s chain of hotels wanted to change what an affordable hotel could be. While budget hotels treat guests like a room number, Qbic welcomes character. The Qbic brand utilizes a graphic system of quirky shapes inspired by the hotel’s physical layout, and the coming together of different people and ideas. We tweaked this graphic system for the dining space to transform it into a destination for guests and locals alike.

Designed at Ragged Edge

Under the direction of Chris Clayton.


2020 – 2021

The IKEA ScrapsBook is a cookbook for your kitchen scraps. Globally, 1.3 billion tonnes of edible food is thrown away - and most of it comes from our home kitchens. IKEA wanted to make scraps beautiful with an elegant book design that paid close attention to environmental details. We printed a limited-edition book to giveaway and made the PDF available to download for free where it became the #1 cookbook on Apple Books. The project earned IKEA 2.2 million media impressions within its first two weeks and changed the way its readers think about food scraps.

Designed at Rethink

Under the direction of Jake Lim & Joel Holtby alongside copywriter Justin Santelli & art director Dorota Pankowska.


Communication Arts Design Annual 2021


Zeitgeist Invitation

Google needed a thought-provoking, eye-catching and premium invitation asking Europe and the Middle East’s top thinkers, leaders and innovators to attend their retreat weekend. Google was interested in exploring how pattern could be used. I created an ever-changing pattern to illustrate the way Zeitgeist changes the way people think.

Designed at Ragged Edge

Under the direction of
Luke Woodhouse and Chris Clayton.